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Association Management Initiatives Private Limited (AMI) is a strategic consulting and professional services organization working closely with the non-profit sector on issues that are important to them, and as their integrated resource for growth. Committed to drive a sustainable impact to its client communities, AMI works in areas of Development and acts as a Consultant, Facilitator and Creator of Growth Platforms for Associations and Professional Societies, NGOs, Institutes and the Industry.

An enabler of volunteer-led organizations, AMI partners with them through strategic planning and execution, helping them achieve their organizational growth and community development plans through enhancements at the organizational, operational and individual levels. The organization also produces powerful industry events that act as a platform for industries to come together, share best practices and explore avenues of growth.

AMI complements Social, Economic and Industrial Development. With presence across India, and strategic partnerships in the markets of Singapore, China, Europe and the United States, AMI assists the growth objectives of its client organizations from around the world, by driving the agenda of Effectiveness, Relevance and Impact.

Association Consultancy
  AMI caters to an Association's core needs of Effectiveness, Financial Momentum and Sustainability through a range of management services assisting organizational growth, and community impact.
Business Events
  AMI produces powerful Business Conferences and Exhibitions that act as a continuous learning experience for Delegates from the Industry and an effective marketing and sales channel for Sponsors.
Volunteering Services
  Meaningful Journey is the organization's unique international initiative aimed at identifying and deploying volunteering human capital to non-governmental organizations in developing countries.
Learning and Development
  A core set of continuing education and functional skills programs aimed at closing gaps between expected results and actual performance, and addressing issues related to organizational effectiveness.
AMI Touching Lives

As a willing global citizen, AMI is committed to extend support where it is needed the most. With the sole purpose of giving back to the community, AMI has been continually working towards creating better lives for the underprivileged. It really takes so little to make that large difference!

Do your part. Maybe, start today?

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AMI staff is actively associated with
  ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
  Global Network of Association Management Centre for the Study of African Economies & South Carolina Dental Association
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